A permanent foundation that allows for more flexibility and speed while building, and a beautiful finished product.

Wood Foundation

A Permanent Wood Foundation is an in-ground, engineered construction system designed to turn a home’s foundation into usable living space. An alternative to conventional block or solid concrete foundations, PWFs are constructed like the lumber-framed walls of the rest of the home, with plywood sheathing attached on the exterior. The PWF uses wood that is pressure-treated with preservative to protect the wood against decay fungi and termites.

Model building codes and federal agencies, as well as lending, home warranty and fire insurance institutions, have all accepted PWFs.

Builders who use PWFs say they like them for their design flexibility, their ease of installation, the long-term customer satisfaction they provide and – in many cases – their cost savings. Homeowners like them because they are dry, warm and comfortable, energy-efficient, and easy to finish, decorate and remodel. PWFs also provide more basement living space than masonry for the same outside dimensions, and they use wood, a renewable resource.

Industry standards (AWPA U1) and building codes require the wood used for PWFs be treated to a retention level of 0.60 pounds of CCA per cubic foot and then re-dried after treatment.  Contact us for more details.

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