Several different types of treatment to meet your needs.


We provide wood for local, state, and national projects.


We offer wood for your pole shed, fence, or numerous other agricultural projects.


A permanent foundation that allows for more flexibility and speed while building, and a beautiful finished product.


Learn more about the AWPA and how it protects you as a consumer.

Welcome to Nebraska Wood Preservers

At Central Nebraska Wood Preservers we specialize in the pressure treatment of wood to provide a quality and long lasting product.  No matter what your purpose, with treated wood you will find your end result will be long lasting and safe.  Treated wood is a great way to have natural wood without the hassle. Pressure treatment will help to keep away mold, pests, and prevent rotting or decay.

We focus in several different sectors of the wood treatment industry to help provide our customers not only with quality products and services, but with diversity to answer all of their needs.  For more details on what we can do to meet your needs read more about our Residential, Agricultural, Wood Foundation, and Government products.